Let’s Quarrel

This is a 7 Quick Takes post now hosted at the The Ain’t The Lyceum Blog.


“There were two old men who had lived together for many years, and they never quarreled. Now one of them said: ‘Let us try to quarrel just once like other people do. And the other replied: “I don’t know how quarrel happens.’ Then the first said: ‘Look, I put a brick between us, and I say, “This is mine” and you say: “No, it is mine”, and after that, a quarrel begins.’ So they placed a brick between them, and one of them said: ‘This is mine’, and the other said: ‘No—it is mine.’ And he replied: ‘Indeed – it is all yours, so take it away with you.’ And they went away unable to fight with each other.” Sayings of the Desert Fathers.


I learned something on Christmas Eve, at Mass.. Perhaps I should say I re-learned a hard truth – be careful what you pray for, you might get it. In this case, my desire for better, really good, music with the weekly Sunday Liturgy. Well, at the Cathedral for Christmas Eve Mass, I got it. They had about a half an hour of organ recital before the Mass and it was quite good, a generous portion of Bach’s fugues and other classical pieces; I was in seventh heaven. Then they had a girl, I don’t think she could have been in her mid-twenties, who sounded pretty close to being a professional opera singer, sing an Ave Maria and a couple of classic Christmas carols. She had a beautiful voice. I immediately began wishing every Mass could be accompanied with music like that; it truly was one of the most beautiful Masses I’ve been too. Adding to it, Fr. David, a priest with a fine Irish tenor voice, chanted the entire Mass, beginning to end

Afterward though, the next morning it dawned on me: the music was so beautiful that I was completely distracted, to the point I remember very little else besides the music; I was completely oblivious to everything else going on. That isn’t a good thing and it set me wondering if this wasn’t a case of far too much of a good thing; I didn’t go to church on a very cold Christmas Eve night to listen to a concert, I went to offer worship to the baby Jesus. Even in the best of circumstances, my ADD makes concentration on things right in front of me difficult, this was an ADD overload to a lover of classical music. I’m embarrassed, I should have known better than to get sucked into it.


I start the New Year with a cold, not a serious one, but enough of one to make concentration difficult, and writing this post even more difficult. The cold comes from going to Mass on Christmas Eve, I’m quite sure of it; people insist on going out in public when they are sick and, therefore, spread their contagion far and wide. In my case, it was the fellow sitting in front on me, coughing and sneezing his way through the liturgy that did me in. I really wish people would stay home when they are sick.


The weather has been COLD here in Colorado this week. Just before Christmas we had temperatures in the 40s and 50s. On Tuesday, the high was something like 8º, the low -12º and a wind chill of something -23º. At least we should get into the 30s next week and we should be able to get out a little more. I’m getting cabin fever


Word Press, the hosting service I use for the blog published a year end wrap up of statistics thereby putting the meagerness of this effort into full perspective. Among the interesting facts: I had 2,200 visitors/page views during the year and I learned that, if my blog were a cable car, it would take 37 trips to fill it up. Interesting way of putting it. A little more interesting, the blog had visitors from 51 countries in 2014. It’s odd how such a little thing can be so far reaching. I thank all of you who stopped by here in 2014 and especially those who have become followers of the blog. It is much appreciated.


I saw an interesting article on the Crisis website earlier this week about the Sign of Peace in the liturgy and it’s placement therein. The headline asked the question – Move or Remove? Since I’m sure that the contagion of this cold of mine was confirmed during that little exercise, my immediate answer to the question was REMOVE. However, the right answer, according to the author was, move. I can understand his thinking, have the sign of peace where it is now completely changes the tenor of the moments just before and just after it occurs. It should come just before the presentation of the gifts, or perhaps even earlier. It’s an interesting article that you’ll find HERE.



And finally, I have made my choice for a 2015 wall calendar to hang over my desk. It’s the beautiful calendar from Our Lady of Clear Creek Monastery. Normally, this is a big decision and I try to choose from several possibilities but this year, since it’s the only one I received in the mail, it made the choice easy. Please support the monks of Clear Creek with a donation this year if at all possible.

And that’s all that I have the energy to write about; please pray for a quick recovery for me from this blasted cold.


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